Thursday, August 17, 2017

Halia's first litter (Aug 2016)

These little guys were always hungry!

Two have gone on to training programs, and one (Hero Labradors Polar Bear) was kept to build our breeding program.

A good breeding program takes time.  From birth to 2 years, the dogs are kept healthy and socialized, and tested for genetic defects through a DNA screening.

Once they turn two, then they get their hips and elbows screened for dysplasia, and eyes checked annually for canine retinal atrophy.

Polar Bear, being Halia's son, won't breed with her, but SHOULD be able to breed with Hero Labradors Nani.  Polar Bear is VERY calm and focused, like his mom (when she isn't playing.)  He is a BIG lab, currently about 70 lbs at 1 year, and still has to "fill out" his big feet and body.  Nani is more petite than Halia, but full of energy and Very cuddly.  She's the couch ninja who can slide right next to you and you don't even realize she'd gotten on the couch.

Nani is super playful and LOVES to run.  If all goes well, her first litter should be next summer, and between her and Polar Bear I expect happy, calm, sturdy puppies that are right in the target zone for what I am looking for in terms of size and temperament.


Monday, July 31, 2017

Different ways to keep cool

Nani and Polar bear live the fan to cool off.  Halia prefers to swim.  Tonto just pants.  He's... different.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Nani's spot

Nani has a spot.

On the porch, it is directly in front of the fan.

In the house, it's on the same AC register.  Every afternoon/evening, she comes in, gets cool, and then the playing resumes.

I don't think I've ever seen her truly tired.

One more year, then hip/elbow xrays, DNA screening, eye tests, and we can breed her with Polar Bear.


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New Logo

There it is folks, our new logo.  Thanks to the great work of the students in the Rochester Institute of Technology's Design department.

No, I don't have it in a larger format (yet).
The little rectangle at the bottom says A 501c3 Charity

Still to come:
Hats, patches, shirts, mugs, stickers, etc.


Monday, April 3, 2017

Ways to help

Our gofundme is still going on...

But also consider:

--Setting up a recurring donation
--Honoring or memorializing someone
--Matching your employee's donation
--Pledging for a three-year period
--Conducting a fundraiser

Emergency Vet trip

Polar Bear is home.  Happy and healthy, and no worse for the wear.  Seems he got into a discarded bag of Ortho bug-b-gone and licked the dregs.

Luckily, it was 98% empty. 

$137 for an exam, overnight stay with IV, and catheter  (that'll teach him.)

Polar Bear is weak and shaky.  Unsteady when standing and walking.
No idea what happened/what he got into/what got at him.
No vomiting or diarrhea or fever.  Vet says it fits with a toxin given the sudden onset.  Could be something he ate, (noxious plant) or got into (but just like babies, we keep dangerous stuff up and away.)
They're putting him on IV fluids and keeping him overnight.
Hopefully this doesn't wipe out our bank account.
I'll update when I kniw more.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Shop till you run out of money!

Till midnight PST, Shop at amazon smile and 10% of your purchase goes to Hero Labradors!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Dogs breakfast

Four AM.  The sound nobody with a dog wants to hear.  The sound of vomit hitting the rug by the bed.

Ugh.  Wake up.  Slide out of bed. Take two steps.  Find puke with toes.  Gag.  Hobble into bathroom. Wash foot in tub.

Coffee. Stat.
Stumble upstairs. See little footprints everywhere on wood and tile floors.

Pantry.  Somebody decided a bottle of cooking oil would make a good late night snack.

Start cleaning.  Protip:  baking soda.  Sprinkle liberally.  Wait.  Sweep.  Repeat.  (Normally, I'd vacuum, but it's 4:30, and you DON'T wake up the Mrs. at 4:30.)

Mop.  (A LITTLE dawn goes a LONG way.)

Empty mop bucket, spray out mop.

Mop again.

5 AM.  Wrangle dogs.  (Halia sleeps with me, uncrated.  Nani is crated in son's room.  Tonto in daughter's.  Polar Bear is in his crate in the dining room.  Uncrate and lead outside. 

Dogs do what we all do in the morning, that is, stare stupidly at me until I tell them to go potty.

Back to the kitchen.  Floor is dry (mostly) but pantry needs another dusting of soda.  Grout soaked up a bunch of oil.

Get food ready for dogs, who are intently staring at me through the patio door.  Place bowls on my side of door.  Walk away. Get coffee. 

Feed dogs.  Everybody sits first, bowls placed in front of them, they wait, drooling.  They wait.  I hold them a minute, then tell them "recover."  They dig in. 

Back to pantry.  Eh... I'll wait and vacuum/mop later.  Need more coffee.